Use this form to email Premier Ford, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing Steve Clark, Minister of Infrastructure Laurie Scott, and your own representative to urge them to


Local consultation is vital to proper municipal planning. Residents should have a say in what’s happening in their community, but unfortunately Premier Ford’s government is not considering any community feedback in his plan to bulldoze heritage properties in the West Don Lands area of Toronto. 

We fear this will repeat itself throughout Ontario.

On Thursday, January 14, 2021, a demolition crew arrived at the Dominion Foundry Complex, located at 153 to 185 Eastern Avenue, without notice to the community. Built in 1917 to produce railway equipment, the properties were added to Toronto's heritage register in 2004 to preserve architectural and historical significance to life in the city during the WWI and post-war eras. Today, that heritage is in peril.

We invite all Ontario residents opposing arbitrary planning decisions without community input to fill out this email form. 

Today Toronto's community under threat — tomorrow it could be yours.