The demolition has started. We need your support now!

 Please note: we are not able to offer a tax receipt* 

When the wrecking crew began to destroy one of the Foundry buildings on January 18, it seemed like all was lost. The Province held all the cards (and bulldozers).

But by the end of January, with the help of our friends at the St. Lawrence Neighbourhood Association (SLNA), we had stopped demolition temporarily, and achieved a further 4-week reprieve. It was a great accomplishment, brought about by a combination of public pressure and legal action.

 Legal action is not free — and it's not cheap.  That 4-week stop required us to invest ±$30,000, which is just a bit more than the $28,000 we have raised so far. 

We need more. Our lawyers are preparing for the February 26 hearing, and will represent us there. Even with the assistance of the City Legal Department, the bill will likely be a further $30,000.

Out of love for our City — can you give?

And can you encourage others to give? Any amount will help!

*If you plan to donate more than $100 and a tax receipt is important to you, please write us at [email protected] and we will arrange for your donation to go through a partner organization.